The birth of THINK! : The Innovation Knowledge Foundation

On October, 14th 2010 was announced the birth of “THINK! – The Innovation Knowledge Foundation“, an independent, international no-profit foundation whose mission is to spread the culture of innovation and promote the use of digital technologies as a means of favoring economic growth, the quality of life and human development in general.

Under the guidance of Roberto Masiero, in his new role as President of THINK!, the Foundation intends to make use of the knowledge of innovation as factor of growth, productivity and development. In order to achieve these ambitious objectives THINK! will draw on the collaboration of an authoritative Scientific Committee of prestigious economic, financial, industrial and academic specialists, and the contributions of an extended network of international affiliated experts.

The THINK! Foundation has the following aims:

  • to establish a research institute or “think tank” to collect, process, share and spread information concerning the use of ICT, digital and science-driven technologies in order to overcome the digital divide and promote innovation processes, human development and the quality of life in an era characterised by the central importance of energy issues and envirenmental sustainability;
  • to support public leaders and decision makers by helping them to understand and stimulate the new economy of innovation through the discussion and analysis of case studies of the use of ICT, digital and other new technologies to favour economic growth and the competitiveness of companies, industries and economies as a whole;
  • to promote and support no-profit programmes and initiatives based on the use of information and digital technologies with the aim of promoting economic growth and human development in mature, emerging and developing countries.

The Foundation will undertake a wide range of research activities that will give rise to a series of papers intended to clarify the broad scenarios of change and (more pragmatically) support public and private decision makers in selecting the innovation processes to be introduced into companies and other organizations, as well as into local and national government policies.

I authored one of them : The Smart City vision: How Innovation and ICT can build smart, “liveable”, sustainable cities.

You are all invited to contribute to this effort!


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