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Donato Toppeta

Donato Toppeta (author of this Blog: ICT4Green)

I am an electronics engineer with long-standing technical and managerial experience in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) sector and skills in triple bottom-line sustainability and strategy consultancy. I held the role of principal consultant for Microsoft Enterprise Services for 13 years, focused on ICT architectural design and planning, technical assessment and economic justification, detailed design and deployment management of important infrastructural projects and solutions for large companies. I developed network infrastructural services, global systems of electronic mail and conferencing, solutions with high reliability, security and energy saving features. I contributed to increase the efficiency and agility of the organization, reducing the operating costs and the environmental impact. I managed projects and relations in international contexts, and radical organizational and technological changes, using innovative technologies and training staff, clients and partners. I’ve a strong orientation to innovation and I’m used to apply a holistic consulting approach. I’d previously worked for different divisions of Honeywell – Bull, from MIS to R&D and Engineering, including the role of manager of the knowledge engineering team. Now I’m associated senior consultant of “The Innovation Group” a management consulting boutique, focusing on Innovating Business and Organizations through ICT and I’m involved with these not for profits organizations: FFITS (Foundation for IT Sustainability), Think! (The Innovation Knowledge Foundation), and  above all: Acquisti&Sostenibilità (Inspiring Sustainable Supply Chain, member of the Strategic Supply Chain Group) where I’m in the Board of Directors as PM for sustainable ICT (I also work for Proserpina Business Services the main partner of A&S )

My profile is also on LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/donatotoppeta/

Short description of  A&S – Acquisti & Sostenibilità

A&S is a NFP association fully dedicated to promote a Sustainable Supply Chain.  It is the unique non-UK member of the Strategic Supply Group in London. A&S has embraced partnerships with Associations around the world that share our same values, vision and aims ( e.g. Action Sustainability in the UK, the Responsible Purchasing Network in USA, Buy Smart in Canada and others in China and Australia). A&S collaborates with some of the main Universities and Business Schools in Europe (ALTIS, Universities of Verona, Bari, Siena, Bergamo and Milan) and  works with leading media partners focused on topics linked to Sustainability like Procurement, Fleet Management, Packaging, CSR , Business Travel.

As an example of my skills related to the main topic of this blog “smart and sustainable cities” I’m providing here a list of my efforts:

With The Innovation Group I collaborated to organize and carry out two events:
proposal of a World Smart City Forum in VeniceCamp 2010 www.veneziacamp.it/varie/world-smart-city-forum/  (in collaboration with Michele Vianello VE, Director of Scientific Technological Park VEGA VE www.vegapark.ve.it ) a short video of my session is here: http://vimeo.com/13092746
Co-organization of the The Innovation Group event “Digital Cities 2011” www.theinnovationgroup.it/tool/home.php?s=0,1,10,185,149 (co-chairman of the session which was also attended by Anna Enel and Fabio Brogi Florio Cisco) my presentation is here: www.theinnovationgroup.it/tool/download.php?id=3118&idst=958

I posted on the website of “Think! The Knowledge Innovation Foundation “:
• The White Paper “The Smart City Vision: How Innovation and ICT can build smart,” liveable “sustainable cities” www.thinkinnovation.org/file/research/23/it/Toppeta_Report_005_2010.pdf
• the presentation paper and Technological Innovation and Energy and Environmental Sustainability (one of the issues related to smart city) a team effort to which I contributed: www.thinkinnovation.org/it/research/research.php?c=3&id=39

I coordinated as co-lead the debate on Smart City during Innovators Jam 2011 (the Jam Session is a 40 hours non-stop on-line discussion with a specific tool by IBM Innovation): www.innovatorijam.it

Participating in the “table Procurement – Project Clean Green Market” on behalf “Acquisti&Sostenibilità”, partner of Transparency International Italy (not for profit) that won the three-year World Bank-Siemens project Project “CLEAN GREEN MARKET: Protecting the green sector market from corruption and fraud “.

I often write posts on this blog (topic smart cities) for example:
• Smart Cities, Research Papers not only new but exciting Also forecast!
• Smart City from IBM and Innovators JAM
• Ningbo to Chinese leading example of smart city
• ICT companies focused on smart city effort (CISCO CUD)
• Leading Amsterdam Smart City

You can read other posts that I’ve published on Smart City in the TIG blog.

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